Welcome to Orient Biosciences

‘Laboratory Products for Life Sciences’

Orient Biosciences was founded in 2012, with a passion of bringing intelligent and quality laboratory products to the hands of national scientists. Orient Biosciences is determined to offer In Demand Solutions which comprise laboratory equipment, laboratory consumables, quality plastic ware and Real-Time PCR reagents. Orient Biosciences cultivates a culture of customer satisfaction through providing the quality laboratory equipment with state of the art software solutions. Since its advent, Orient Biosciences intended to sell services rather product, thus yielding a high level of trust from our valued clients. As a customer-centric company, Orient Biosciences aims to deliver laboratory products, which give customers the control, insight and agility they need for competitive advantage in a global landscape. Customer focus is a core component of the corporate culture and continues to be one of the key reasons why Orient Biosciences opts for a strong position in the research and diagnostics market.

Business Model

The Company’s primary method of delivering products is through direct meetings with key decisions makers accessing and analyzing their Application, requirements. Orient Biosciences also engages with customers through direct mail, e-mail marketing campaigns based on highly selective available customers’ data. It also involves its sales marketing department to generate sales lead and eventually to fill up sales vacuums. Orient Biosciences assumes ultimate responsibility for the customer’s satisfaction providing reassurance of quality, consistency and ongoing support, either through the channel or direct. Orient Biosciences is a business application vendor that reassures its customers’ investment in the long-term.